How coronavirus has affected the travel industry

The coronavirus pandemic, known as the COVID-19, is affecting the whole world. The travel industry has been hit the most in the epidemic. No more travel plans for the school holidays, summer vacations, business meetings as airlines and cruise lines are grounded. 

Here we explain to you how coronavirus has affected the travel industry


We never imagined that airports would be closed one day. But in some countries, the coronavirus is forcing airports to be closed for months. While business travellers, holiday packers put their journey on hold due to travel restrictions, we take a look at how coronavirus has affected the travel industry.

It has been an extended duration since people could easily book their ticket to travel to the other end of the world. Due to global quarantine, travel restrictions, close borders and of course, the risk of contracting the coronavirus travelling is now like a dream for everyone. 

The travel industry is registering the most significant business drop in history. Travel destination countries around the world like Maldives, Mauritius, Greece are experiencing an almost economic crisis since they depend heavily on the travel industry. Billions of tourists visit these countries yearly. But now due to lack of tourists, hotels, leisure spots, tour operators, are also affected. Consequently, many institutions that are related to the travel industry are either closing or reducing their staff structure.

Airlines, cruise lines and travel agencies are directly affected by an income decreased by nearly 90%. Some airlines are even reducing the size of their fleets and further forecasting to limit their future destinations to save cost and be able to survive the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

To sum it up, it is clear how coronavirus has affected the travel industry. The duration of the pandemic will affect the industry and those dependent on the tourism industry, even more, causing loss of jobs and cease of operations for specific institutions.

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