The Most Unique Places You Must Visit

The most unique places to make your travel bucket list have one thing in common. They will surely make you amazed by their uniqueness. They are like heaven on earth with their spectacular view.


We make you a list of the of unique places you must visit.

Underwater Waterfall – Mauritius Island
Located on the south-west of Mauritius Island, the Underwater Waterfall is indeed a unique place to visit. It is highly recommendable to make one in a lifetime trip to this remarkable place. Once in Mauritius, you can book a seaplane or helicopter tour to witness the beauty of the Underwater Waterfall. The spectacular view of Underwater Waterfall is an illusion at its best that makes you believe there is a real waterfall under the water. This unique place is sand and silt that runs off the ocean bed hence, making it looks like a waterfall.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Maldives
We all enjoy yummy foods. But what is even better is when having our lunch or dinner in a serene atmosphere. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant of Maldives makes our list of the most unique places you must surely visit because it is the world’s first restaurant which is located 16 feet under the ocean. While relishing the delicious foods, you can also enjoy the mesmerising aquatic life surrounding you. If you are lucky enough you may find Nemo.


Hobbit Village – New Zealand
The Hobbit Village of New Zealand has made our list of the most unique places, for movie and nature lovers especially. Famous from the Hobbit Movies and Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit Village is accessible to visitors. You will surely be amazed by the spectacular natural surroundings. Moreover, you can also visit the Green Dragon Inn to enjoy the Hobbits’ beer.


To conclude, the earth has incredible places that you should definitely visit, and the above mentioned are certainly amongst those beautiful places. Next time you are planning a trip, do consider opting one place from the above lists. Thanks for reading.

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