TSG Kathmandu’s Launch

We’re thrilled to launch a Hub in Kathmandu, and are excited by their efforts to focus on rural tourism and women empowerment in their community. Read on for a report from their first meeting with local stakeholders.



From four community homestays – Tharu Homestay, Panauti Community Homestay, Barauli Homestay, Nuwakot Homestay, and from our related vendors and media partners, twenty-eight people took part in our Introductory Program of TSG Kathmandu. This is to say the event had been successful, and we (Royal Mountain Travel and our stakeholders) had some productive talks about the future of the homestay and development of the community.



Shiva Dhakal was the featured speaker, inspiring community locals, women, and housewives to work for the development of the community and to be a responsible part of TSG Hub network, and to understand that tourism is more than just a business. It is community welfare for the betterment of the next generation, protection of culture, tradition, and environment.


The event raised the topics of the reconstruction of Nuwakot Homestay, which was destroyed by last year’s earthquake, and the creation of a market for the local dairy farmers in their very own neighborhood. The Panauti Community Homestay is in the process of welcoming two new homestays. The daughter of the president of Panauti Homestay said that the perception towards women in Panauti has been changing.


Women of Panauti no longer live in the shadow of their husband’s income. Instead, they are earning as much as their husband, and the families are happier than they were before. Panauti Homestay is planning to establish a community hall where they can perform cultural programs. It will also serve as a traditional music learning center and occasionally a venue for social functions and festivals.

Royal Mountain Travel has decided to help in the construction of both the Panauti Homestay and Nuwakot Homestays.


Barauli Community Homestay needs some more educational classes (hospitality classes) and the Homestay itself is very eager to learn. RMT is communicating with hospitality colleges in Kathmandu to see if they could contribute a few teachers for the hospitality workshop in Barauli.


Tharu Homestay is recycling plastics into handmade crafts, which received a big round of applause from the TSG Kathmandu crowd. RMT shall be working closely with Tharu Homestay to get a rightful market for their creative and noble practice.


For the first meeting, with the motivation of our progressive stakeholders, the event was truly a day to remember.

To get involved with TSG KTM, email us at hello@travelsocialgood.org.

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