Kelley Louise

Kelley Louise

Executive Director


A travel entrepreneur passionate about storytelling and social good, Kelley Louise runs two sister organizations: The Culture Collectivea creative agency for brands in the travel and impact space, and a nonprofit, Travel+SocialGood, which is aimed at solving like poverty or inequality through business and leisure travel. She has built her career through carefully selected opportunities in the United States and abroad, including leadership roles in entrepreneurial endeavors, social good projects, and content creation and media strategy.

Kelley is passionate about building the travel industry of the future, one in which mindful travelers bring positive impact to the communities they visit. She believes the potential of the travel industry lies within transforming cities into capitals of sustainable travel, as well as the power of making difference with simple, everyday actions.

Travel+SocialGood is a nonprofit and community aimed at propelling the travel industry to meet its potential for global positive impact. Our goal is to help build the travel industry of the future, where all travel will have a positive economic, environmental, cultural and social impact for traveler, place and resident.

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