Founded in 2013 under +SocialGood, an initiative headed by the United Nations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mashable and more, Travel+SocialGood launched as a Summit. The goal of the global conference is to address the current state of the travel industry in an effort to create positive, actionable change for the industry. 

The Travel+SocialGood Summit in 2013 was the catalyst behind the organization we are today. More than 250 social entrepreneurs, academy thought leaders, media agencies and other travel professionals joined TSG for our inaugural conference. Through speeches, pitches, ignite sessions and directed conversations, we aimed to spark this collaborative ecosystem of innovation and foster its development far beyond the conference itself.

Our third Summit was hosted at the United Nations in New York City. Find more information here. We are in the planning phases for the 2017 Summit, and you can apply or nominate an attendee here.

Travel+SocialGood is a nonprofit and community aimed at propelling the travel industry to meet its potential for global positive impact. Our goal is to help build the travel industry of the future, where all travel will have a positive economic, environmental, cultural and social impact for traveler, place and resident.