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An alliance of journalists, content creators and social media influencers around the world, Travel+SocialGood’s Media Network is a collective passionate about sustainable tourism in order to promote awareness and positive change within the industry. We believe that the power of the pen and authentic storytelling are far reaching in their scope to both humanize and bring attention to communities around the world whose narratives are often left out of the mainstream media.

The group works together and cross-promotes content, with the aim to share stories of people and places as they naturally are, shed light on innovative solutions, and collectively take the steps to mainstream “sustainable tourism” from niche to norm.

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Travel+SocialGood is a nonprofit and community aimed at propelling the travel industry to meet its potential for global positive impact. Our goal is to help build the travel industry of the future, where all travel will have a positive economic, environmental, cultural and social impact for traveler, place and resident.