Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.

– Brene Brown

for content creators

The Network is a community and platform to connect with content creators who are passionate about sustainable tourism. The group works together to collaborate and cross-promote, as well as share ideas, upcoming travel plans and more. The ITA Global team works to provide the Network with relevant opportunities, such as sponsored opportunities, press trips, free online classes and first-access to ITA news and events.

Benefits of membership:

  • Inclusion in a community of content creators passionate about sustainable tourism. The Network is one of the only of its kind that creates a platform for traditional journalists, travel bloggers and social media influencers to collaborate.
  • Sponsored and press trip opportunities. ITA Global works to vet and provide opportunities to the Network that we think are relevant to you, and acts as an agency to pitch and promote you, as well as handle logistics such as invoicing for all of our opportunities.
  • Opportunity to expand and amplify your personal brand’s alignment in the travel and impact sector. Your site will be featured on the TSG website, and we’ll provide you with a badge to display on your own website.
  • Free admission to any ITA Hub events. 
  • Continued education and the tools and resources you request. We’re building an online curriculum for resources and professional development to advance your career, such as learning to use Google Analytics, SEO and more.
  • Access to our Media Network Slack channel, which includes sections to share upcoming travel plans, recently created content for cross-promotion or syndication opportunities and more.
  • First-access to ITA’s latest updates, news from our partners and more. 
  • Promotion via the ITA blog, email campaigns and social media. 

Membership is $10/month, and we’ll act as your agency to connect you with relevant opportunities – ranging from paid opportunities to press trips. We pitch your rates starting at $500 – we believe in the power of storytelling and pricing that showcases your worth, and we only partner with brands and organizations we believe are doing incredible things in the travel space. For additional access to a network of sustainable travel creatives, join our Facebook group.

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