Connecting Our Global Community Through Multi-Hub Events

Building Purpose-Driven Travel Events

Impact Travel Alliance has Hubs (local chapters) around the world. Our Hubs host events focused on education and advocacy around sustainable tourism. Our goal is to reshape the narrative around ethical travel, and help consumers understand that sustainability can be applied to any type of travel. We believe that through mainstreaming sustainable tourism – travel that positively benefits the environment, economy and culture of a destination – we can help to solve issues like poverty or inequality.

We look to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, also known as the Global Goals) for inspiration on impact.

Changing the world through travel is an admirable and inspiring concept… and we’re serious about putting action behind our vision. That’s why all of our Hub events are purpose-driven – each of them is designed around an educational component, and crafted in an effort to arm our community with the resources they need to build a more impactful community.

So what is a multi-Hub event?

We have Hubs in more than 30 cities worldwide, and we wanted to find an engaging way to connect our local communities to our global network, which is why we’ve introduced multi-Hub events – events occurring in different cities, at the same time, blanketed by a common theme. Each multi-Hub event is themed by a Global Goal, and we break these concepts down into concrete, actionable steps to help you understand how to make an impact in your own city (and beyond).

Hubs Placeholder

In 2017, we launched our first multi-Hub Global Goal event series with two feature events. First, we celebrated World Ocean Day with events in six cities on Global Goal 14 (Life Under Water). The events included screenings of the film Voices from the Sea, followed by panels with local experts. Our goal was to talk about ocean conservation through a global lens, and then break that down into action on a local level.

The next event was focused on Global Goal 11: Responsible Consumption and Production. An ambitious and hefty Goal, we wanted to talk about these ideas in a fun, engaging and applicable way – so we talked about changing our world through culinary exploration. We discussed the process behind food production, and how your decisions at every meal have a big impact on our world. The culinary exploration events were hosted in seven cities (on four continents!) at the same time.

Imagine going to a social good focused event in your own city, and knowing that you’re a part of a global community of travelers who are discussing the same issues – and collectively ideating on solutions to build a more impactful industry. Together, we start to weave together these ideas and create action plans for our future.

2018 multi-Hub events

In 2018, we asked our community (that’s you!) which Global Goals you’re most passionate about, as well as the ones you’d love to learn more about how to impact through tourism. The results are in… and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting three multi-Hub events this year. In February, join us for events on how to build sustainable cities (Global Goal 11); in May, we’ll talk about solving poverty through tourism (Global Goal 1); and in August, we’ve got a final multi-Hub event with a surprise theme to be announced.

Let’s make some magic happen this year. See you soon, changemakers.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit and global community, we aim to improve the world through business and leisure travel. We do this through efforts to mainstream sustainable tourism.

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