2016 Global Summit


Thursday and Friday, May 12 and 13 2016 in New York City


At nearly 10 percent of the global GDP, tourism is the world’s largest industry, possessing the power to directly impact every living being and every issue our global community faces.
With great power comes great responsibility: The travel industry shows an immense amount of potential for positive impact on a global scale. 
Travel+SocialGood is here to usher in the travel industry of the future; when all travel will have a positive economic, environmental, cultural and social impact for traveler, destination and resident.


We are convening 150 visionaries at the nexus of travel, tech and social enterprise for our third Global Summit in New York City. Together, we will tackle the core challenge our industry faces:

How do we mainstream sustainable tourism?


We aim to ignite actionable change by convening the best and brightest from the private sector, high level diplomats and civil society. Some confirmed leaders include:
Ambassadors from Permanent Missions to the United Nations: Representing some of the nations who pushed for 2017 as the UN Year of Sustainable Travel
Pierre Daigneault: Chief Sustainability Officer & Executive Director at Clean the World Canada
• Jack Ezon: President at Ovation Vacation
• Martha Honey: Executive Director at the Center for Responsible Travel
Pam Inman: President at NTA
Rainer Jenss: Founder and President of Family Travel Association
Bryan Kinkade: Publisher at AFAR
Tom Marchant: Founder of Black Tomato
Danny Marx: Director of Engagement at Hostelling International
Mary Mazzoni: Senior Editor at TriplePundit
• Dr. Antonia Neubauer: President at Myths & Mountains
Sven Olof-Lindblad: President & CEO at Lindblad Expeditions
• Gopinath Parayil, Founder & Chief Executive at The Blue Yonder
Anna Pollock: Founder at Conscious.Travel
• Kathy Stewart: Director, Trip Planning at Butterfield & Robinson
Orit Strauss: Founder of GivingWay
Sue Stephenson: Vice Chair, Executive Committee, IMPACT 2030
Arnie Weissmann: Editor In Chief at Travel Weekly
Norie Quintos: Editor at Large at National Geographic Travel
• John Yonce: Director of Advancement and Engagement at Tourism Cares
• Justine Abigail Yu: Marketing & Communications Director at Operation Groundswell
• Charu Suri: Social Media at United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA)


May 12 and 13 in New York City
  • Day 1: Hosted by TSG NYC, the first day of the Summit will focus on privately-led experiential tours around New York City with our local partners to showcase sustainable tourism within the city. We’ll conclude the day with a kickoff party at Hostelling International.
  • Day 2: Talks and activations centered around the main design-thinking portion.


The agenda of the global Summit will focus on talks by ambassadors representing the countries deeply concerned with sustainable tourism, followed by design-thinking activations led by The GREEN Program.
Through a mix of talks and activations centered around the main design-thinking session, our goal is to conclude the 2016 Summit with a realistic roadmap to push the travel industry toward its potential as a catalyst for positive impact: the Travel Sustainable Development Goals.
On May 13 in the afternoon (1 PM – 4 PM) Delegates Dining Room: The design-thinking session
Nourished by a healthy lunch, our 150 chosen attendees will divide into groups for workshops and activations led by The GREEN Program. Our goal is to conclude the Summit with concrete and actionable plans of action to accomplish our core theme and challenge: How do we mainstream sustainable tourism? Those solutions will be collected and published in a dedicated white paper drafted by NYU.
On Thursday, May 12, TSG Global has partnered with the local TSG NYC Hub for an afternoon of experiential tours and a kickoff party at Hostelling International. Registered attendees will have their choice of experiential tours and activations throughout the city of New York, meant to exemplify what impact in travel means. Our vision is to highlight New York City as a capital of sustainable travel. Private tours site visits, and other experiences will be made available to our 150 guests at no extra cost.


The Travel+SocialGood team leads with a passionate, optimistic, inclusive voice, and our global community of changemakers is convinced we can transform the travel industry into a force for good.
Launched in partnership with the UN Foundation and +SocialGood in 2013, Travel+SocialGood has grown from its original Summit into a nonprofit and global community with Hubs in more than 20 cities worldwide. Through our initiatives, TSG is building a collaborative community that provides the tools and network to help catalyze our industry’s next leaders.


TSG is an unfunded nonprofit run by the support and dedication of our passionate volunteers. We’ve set a $200,000 fundraising goal for the year in order to create an online platform for the Travel+SocialGood Academy — the first universally applicable and affordable platform for gaining a practical education on building impact into every aspect of the travel industry.
The Academy focuses on providing an outlet to learn from experts and thought leaders who can share actionable insight for three major tracks: travel/hospitality, business and content creation. Academy sessions have been hosted by local Hubs at in-person events, and last year, TSG curated a full day of courses from more than 30 speakers for our first-ever Academy Day, hosted in New York City.
We want to create an online platform so that these courses are accessible to our entire global community, a network made up of Hubs based in more than 20 cities worldwide. 


Travel+SocialGood is an unfunded nonprofit, run by volunteers. On May 12, our experiential tours and kickoff party have been donated to our attendees with in-kind donations from our local partners. On May 13, we are hosting a private event for the 150 chosen attendees. For this portion of the event, we are being quoted at a price per attendee from a private vendor in the UN.
Based on the suggested ticket price of $500 per ticket for 150 attendees, this is where your money goes: 54% toward fundraising for the online TSG Academy (with approximately ¼  funded), 33% toward the two-day TSG 2016 Global Summit costs (estimated $25,000 total) and 13% toward TSG overhead ($10,000 goal toward covering costs like legal and accounting, email/site maintenance, and incidentals for events). 

The 2016 Global Summit is invite-only.
Please click below to apply or nominate someone for attendance:


For more information on sponsorships, please email Kelley at kelley@travelsocialgood.org.